If Easter Sunday isn’t your holiday…

It’s Holy Saturday. This day of limbo usually doesn’t get a lot of limelight. It’s not the day God dies; it’s not the day He resurrects. But, it is the Easter holiday I most relate to.

The last few years, I have avoided Good Friday services, not because I don’t understand the importance, but because I feel like I live in Good Friday most of the time. Death and darkness are all too familiar.

Holy Saturday captures the limbo I usually live in- somewhere between dark death and resurrecting light-where it feels like God is dead, but He really is at work.

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Why I’m Depressed on Easter

Hi. My name is Jasmine, and I have an anxiety disorder, as well as depression.

Today is Easter. It is the greatest day of celebration for the Church. Days like today, I just want to pack away all of my depression and anxiety, put on my happy face, and shout “He is risen indeed!”

Unfortunately, even on Easter, I find myself distracted by panicked thoughts, and I can feel the depression lingering. I feel the temptation to crawl back in bed and cancel all of my plans instead of dealing with social anxiety. I wish on days like today my disorder would just take a day off.

This is not a blog trying to doctor up broken hearts for a day. I do not want to offer cheap words of encouragement when so many still find themselves feeling more like it’s Good Friday than Resurrection Sunday. Because even on days like today, the fog does not always fade.

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